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  • Posted in: Open Exchange

    Could you please share any insight you can on how you handle grants from named donor funds in your board packet and board meetings? We are trying to figure out how much detail to share with the board while providing the information needed for good...

  • Posted in: Open Exchange

    We are currently exploring a way for financial adviors to become more involved with our community foundation. In the past we have done one-on-one orientations and personally delivered outreach material to offices. Have any of you had a successful financial...

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    RE: RFP for CF Auditor

    Posted in: Open Exchange

    In addition to the files Kathryn has shared, there have been a couple of other discussions on the Exchange around sample RFPs for an Auditor. RFP for Audit Firm – Finance and Admin Exchange, August 19, 2015 (4 files share) Sample Audit...

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