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    You have probably noticed that the Exchange has a brand new look. I am so excited about this, especially since we designed it using the feedback from all of you!

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  • Posted in: Open Exchange

    Here's what we have used. One is for self-evaluation and the other is for overall board evaluation. 2013 Board Eval - Survey Monkey.pdf 2013 Board Self-Eva - Survey Monkey.pdf ------------------------------ Valerie Wilson Administrative...

  • Posted in: Open Exchange

    Greetings Colleagues - Next month our board will consider making a loan or grant/loan combo to a local church to convert a defunct religious school building into rentable office space. The area's regional senior services provider is prepared to...

  • Posted in: Open Exchange

    Kevin, I hadn't thought of that. Thank you for the advice! ------------------------------ Hilary Lewis Executive Assistant The Spartanburg County Foundation ------------------------------

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