Getting Started

How to get started

 E-mail Diagram

  1. Visit the Exchange - Visit and log in with your e-mail and password for the Council’s website. If you don’t know it, e-mail
  2. Join a Community - Click on “Communities" in the tool bar and select "All Communities". Click “Join” to the right of communities you would like to join and select your notification preference. Also see our list of private communities to see if you are eligible for those.
  3. Create a profile - Click on “My Profile” and pull in information from your LinkedIn profile or fill it in manually.
  4. Connect with colleagues – Post a question to your peers or share your expertise by responding to a post.  

How to post through your e-mail

You can post on the website or directly from your e-mail. To the right, you will see a diagram of the e-mails you will receive from the Exchange. You can reply to messages and post new questions directly from this message. You can even attach a document to your e-mail reply, and it will be added to the library!

Post rule of thumb

Use the public reply for information that everyone can benefit from.

  • On the Exchange website, you do this by clicking Reply to Discussion
  • On e-mail, you do this by clicking Reply via E-mail or Reply Online

Use the private reply for confidential information or replies that only the sender needs to see (e.g. "thanks" "me, too")

  • On the Exchange website, you do this by clicking Reply to Sender
  • On e-mail, you do this by clicking Private Reply

Changing your E-mail Frequency

  1. In the main menu, click on "My Profile" and select "My Settings"
  2. Scroll to the community you are interested in changing your frequency of emails, and select either "Real Time" "Daily Digest" or "No E-mails" in the drop down menu.